Offering club lacrosse for boys and girls based in Hampstead, NC and Topsail School District. Welcoming youth from Ogden, Porters Neck, Surf City, Topsail and Southern Onslow County.The objective of the league is to be an outstanding educational-athl

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                                           TOPSAIL YOUTH LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (TYLA) BY-LAWS

Article 1: Place of Business

            The principle place of business of TYLA is Pender County, NC.

Article 2: Purpose

The objective of the association is to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization which provides a high-quality experience to every athlete, parent, coach, and board-member. TYLA strives to ensure every player has fun playing the game, feels they are an important part of the team and exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. TYLA recognizes it’s duty to provide “life-lessons” which have value beyond the playing field and while developing each athlete’s understanding and application of the rules, skills, and tactics of lacrosse.

Article 3: The Board of Directors (BOD)

Section 1: BOD Function and Composition

The BOD is responsible for the overall policy and direction of the association. The BOD will have 5 voting members and additional non-voting members.

Section 2: Election of the BOD

New board-members will be elected by a simple majority of the remaining board-members. Board-members interested in individual board positions must be nominated by another board-member said position and then win election to the position. Elections will be held at the first BOD meeting following the end of the Spring season. Turnover of board-members between outgoing and newly elected will occur on 31 July, the annual budget for the upcoming year will not be approved prior to board-member turnover.

Section 3:

Each board-member will serve a 2-year term. Each board-member can serve a maximum of 3 terms in a row in a single board position.

Section 4: Vacancies

The BOD will appoint a Club member who will complete the unexpired term for any board-member vacancies.

Section 5: Quorum

A quorum will consist of the majority of board-members.

            Section 6: Voting

            Voting will occur orally or in manner directed by the President. The President will refrain from voting except in the case of a tied ballot; in the case of a tied ballot, the President will cast the tie-breaking vote.

            Section 7: Removal

            The BOD may call for a vote of no-confidence to remove a board-member. At least 2/3 of board-members must cast a vote of no-confidence to remove a board-member. A petition for a vote of no-confidence must be filed with the President or Secretary 30 days prior to the vote.

Article 4: Meetings

            The BOD will meet at least quarterly, at an agreed upon time and place. The President or at least two board-members can call a special meeting when necessary by notifying the President of the need and purpose of the proposed special meeting. Board-members will be notified by email about the meeting at least 7 days in advance.

            Section 1: Agenda

            Meeting agendas will be published by the Secretary 24 hours prior to meeting. All board-members will submit items for inclusion on the agenda to the Secretary no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting.

            Section 2: Fiscal

            Meetings will always open with a fiscal review led by the Treasurer. The Fiscal Review will include current status of funds, a review of the annual budget and execution of the spending plan, and an update on fundraising and scholarship initiatives.

Article 5: Fiscal Year

            The fiscal year for TYLA will begin on 1 August and end on 31 July annually.

Article 6: Method to Amend

            These by-laws can be amended by a 2/3 vote by the BOD.

Article 7: Officers and Duties

            Section 1: Officers

            The affairs of TYLA are conducted by the BOD. The BOD consists of voting members and non-voting members. The voting members are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Outreach Chairperson. Non-voting members are the Member at Large, the Head Coach(es), and the Player Representatives. In the case a voting member steps down and a replacement has not been named, the Member at Large assumes a temporary voting role.

Section 2: President

            The President is the chief officer of TYLA and has charge of the business and direction of the association. The President shall preside at each meeting. The President is responsible for selection of coaches, recruitment of players, and assignment of association initiatives. The President represents TYLA in all matters related to the Eastern Carolina Youth Lacrosse Association (ECYLL), to include scheduling, tournament participation, and game-play. Further, the President will represent TYLA in matters related to Pender County Athletics and Pender County Parks and Recreation.

            Section 3: Vice President

            At the request of the President, or in his/her absence or disability, the Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President and, when so acting, has all the authorities of the President. The Vice President is primarily responsible for risk mitigation; this includes the association’s insurance and collection and record-keeping of US Lacrosse required background checks, Level I Coaching Certification, and valid US Lacrosse numbers for all coaches and Board members.

            Section 4: Treasurer

            The Treasurer is responsible for the funds, receipts, and disbursements of the Club. Only the President and the Treasurer will have access to TYLA disbursement mechanisms (checks and debits). Only the President and Treasurer may obligate TYLA to expenses. The Treasurer will keep full and accurate accounts of the finances and property of the association. The Treasurer will prepare and submit monthly/annual reconciliations of transactions and maintain an up to date status of funds for the association. The Treasurer will ensure TYLA adheres to the regulations applicable to 501c3 organizations.

            Section 5: Secretary

            The Secretary keeps the minutes of TYLA BOD meetings and ensures that notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these by-laws. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the records, books, reports, and statements other than those retained by the Treasurer. The Secretary is responsible for providing accurate and timely information about team activities to Club members via the TYLA website and social media platforms.

            Section 6: Outreach Coordinator

            The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for organizing parents and friends of TYLA into all the supporting roles necessary for a thriving organization. The Outreach Coordinator will contact local businesses to attract sponsors. The Outreach Coordinator will find and/or originate opportunities to grow lacrosse in the Topsail Area and beyond it, into the greater part of Pender County.

            Section 7: Member At Large

            The Member at Large will identify, manage, and complete the jobs required to conduct home games for TYLA. Coordinate with board-members, coaches, and players to complete the majority of tasks. Find opportunities to sales at home games, i.e. SpiritShop sales and/or vendors.

Section 8: Head Coach(es)

            The Head Coach will serve at the direction of the BOD. The Head Coach is responsible for building the work-outs, drills, practice plans, and game plans for the teams. The Head Coach will provide material and instruction to each team’s coaching staff which is relevant and appropriate to each age group. The Head Coach will supervise coaching staffs and be an asset during practices and games. There should be a Head Coach for the Boys’ teams and a separate Head Coach for the Girls’ teams.

            Section 9: Player Representatives

            Each “senior team” will be represented by a player who is in 8th grade. The Player Representatives are ambassadors for the totality of the players in TYLA. The Player Representatives will give opinions and advice to the BOD. Further, the Player Representatives will organize players in efforts which facilitate home games.

Article 8: By-Law Review

            TYLA By-Laws will be reviewed annually at the first BOD meeting following the end of the Spring season.