Offering club lacrosse for boys and girls based in Hampstead, NC and Topsail School District. Welcoming youth from Ogden, Porters Neck, Surf City, Topsail and Southern Onslow County.The objective of the league is to be an outstanding educational-athl

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By-laws of Topsail Youth Lacrosse Club

Article 1 Place of Business

The principle place of business of Topsail Youth Lacrosse Club is located in Pender County, NC.

Article 2 Purpose

The objective of the league is to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience to every athlete and coach.  A high-quality experience is one in which every player has fun playing the game, feels he or she is an important part of the team regardless of performance, learns “life lessons” that have value beyond the playing field and develops and learns as an athlete with a deepening understanding of the skills, tactics and strategies of the game.

Article 3 Directors

Section 1. Board and Number

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall policy and direction of the league. The Board of Directors will have minimum of 5 but no more than 7 members. 

Section 2. Election of Board of Directors

New board members will be elected by a simple majority vote of the remaining board members.  Board members interested in individual board positions must be nominated by another board member for the position and then elected by a simple majority. 

Section 3. Terms

Each board member will serve a 2 year term. Each board member can serve a maximum of 3 terms in a row.  

Each board member must attend a minimum of 75% of the meetings.

Section 4. Quorum

A quorum will consist of the majority of the members. 

Section 5. Voting

Voting will occur orally or in a manner ordered by the President.

Section 6. Vacancies

The Board of Directors will appoint a Club member who will complete the unexpired term for any Board of Directors vacancies.

Section 7. Removal

The Board of Directors may call for a vote of non-confidence to remove one or more of the members of the Board.  At least a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors must vote for non-confidence to remove a member of the Board.  A petition must be filed with the president or secretary 30 days prior to the vote of no confidence.

Article 4 Meetings

The Board of Directors will meet at least every other month, at an agreed upon time and place.  The President of the board of directors or at least two board members can call a special meeting when necessary by notifying the president of the need and purpose.  Board members will be notified by e-mail about the meeting at least 7 days in advance.

Article 5 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the league will begin on August 1 and end on July 31 in each year.

Article 6 Method to Amend

These by-laws can be amended by a two-thirds vote by the board of directors. 

Article 7 Officers and Duties 

Section 1. Officers

The affairs of the club shall be conducted by a Board of Directors (BOD) made up of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, fundraising chairperson and a member at large.  The head coach shall be appointed to the BOD and shall have full voting rights so long as that individual is the head coach.  Additional positions may be filled as necessary.

Section 2. President

The President shall be the chief officer of the Club and shall have charge of the business and direction of the affairs of the Club and shall preside at all meetings of the Club.

Section 3. Vice President

At the request of the President, or in his (her) absence or disability, the Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President, and, when so acting, shall have all the authority of and be subject to the restrictions of the President.  The Vice-President is responsible for all Club property, including the website, and shall have authority to sub-receipt to individuals designated by the Board, property as he (she) sees fits for the proper operation of the Club and the training of players. 

Section 4. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Club and see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these By-laws.  The Secretary shall be the custodian of the records, books, reports, and statements other than those retained by the Treasurer.  The Secretary shall be responsible for providing accurate and timely information about the team activities to the Club members and families, as well as conveying the events and accomplishments of the team to the community via a variety of media.

Section 5. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds, receipts and disbursements of the Club.  The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of the finances and property of the Club.  The Treasurer shall prepare and submit monthly the current financial status of the Club.

Section 6. Head Coach

The Head Coach shall serve at the discretion of the Board.  The Head Coach shall have full responsibility for scheduling the work-outs and training, coaches, entering the teams into games, selection of Club efforts, and making tournament recommendations.  The Head Coach shall be responsible for maintaining the practice schedule.  The Head Coach shall be responsible for all Club stats and records.

Section 7. Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing parents and friends of the team into all of the supporting roles necessary to maintain the Club.

Section 8. Volunteer Member at Large

The Volunteer Member at Large main responsibility will be to identify, manage and fill all jobs required to conduct home games of the Club.

As a member of the board of directors for Topsail Youth Lacrosse Club, I agree to:

  • Attend 75% of the meetings each year
  • Serve in a board position as needed
  • Accept and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner
  • Stay informed of league news and policies
  • Participate in league activities, including fundraising and promotional activities 
  • Not participate in any decisions or deliberations when a conflict of interest exists